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Product Description

BeRegOwner – Take Ownership of any registry keys

Windows Registry has many limitations on editing Registry Keys. Some keys are “owned” by the system or “TrustedInstaller” service and users that are Administrators cannot edit these keys.

BeRegOwner solves that problems!



Allows taking ownership of any registry key so it can be edited, renamed or even deleted.

>Features importing .Reg file and resetting all keys within so it can be imported by registry.

>Can be used from CMD (command line) making the job easier.

>Can directly create a .BAT file from registry keys added to list.


Easy to use interface can give full permissions to registry keys with one click

BeRegOwner is also available in Free version for Download

Free Version can be Downloaded Here:

Download Free Version

*Free version has some limits:
Free version cannot give permissions for more that 1 registry key each time.


It’s simple and requires no installation!

Click Add to Cart to Buy Full version and forget limits!

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