BeOwner – Take ownership of any File and/or Folder

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BeOwner – Take ownership of any File and/or Folder
Have you ever tried to delete a file and got “Access Denied”?

Have you tried to open your old computer Hard Drive to restore your files and you cannot because Windows says that tou have no permissions?

Want to browse, copy, delete, rename ANY file or Folder on ANY hard drive?

Want to do all these in seconds in just one Click?
Then BeOwner is your tool!


BeOwner can give you permissions to do anything you want to any file and folder on your computer, allowing to Mass changing permissions to a list of files and/or Folders (including all subfolders and files within).

After getting permissions you can do anything you want to Files and Folders: Delete, Rename, Move, Copy, Replace, change attributes and so on..

BeOwner can work also with Command Line (CMD) and gives the ability to create automated .bat files using files added on the list.
Also creates log file for processed files.

Simple to use:
Just drop a file or a folder on the list and BeOwner will in seconds grant access permissions for you on all files,folders (with all of it’s sub-folders and files).
BeOwner has no limits! can even give permissions for Core System files that normally you cannot edit.
Free Version can be Downloaded Here:

Download Free Version

*Free version has some limits:
Free version cannot give permissions for more that 5 files/folders each time.


Read Manual

It’s simple and requires no installation!


Click Add to Cart to Buy Full version and forget limits!


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